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MGC Revival - a Katrina Benefit CD

The MGC Revival Album was made possible through up front funding by Alsbowl.com and musician Thomas Novak.  In addition, musician Wayne Renn contributed his talents to help make this project a TRUE "Gift of Music" for everyone.  Although I did the first writing for 4 of the songs, it was the talent of Thomas and Wayne developing the music and performing them which brought it to life.  These two artists delivered these songs straight from the heart for what they felt was an important cause.  I truly thank them.

Recovering Production Costs:

When setting forth to do this project, I stressed to the musicians and others involved that I would be instituting a "Long Term" versus "Short Term" recovery of production costs.  Here is a brief explanation of what that means.

Short Term Recovery: All production costs would be recovered before any proceeds would be made available to MGC Recovery efforts.  All parties agreed not to use this approach.

Long Term Recovery: Production costs would be pro-rated over a very long period of time, so that proceeds from the sale of CD's would be immediately available for MGC Recovery efforts.  By taking this approach, $10 of each and every CD sold is available for recovery efforts.

Sadly, sales have been slow so far - Please help spread the word about this important cause.  Promotional CDs are being mailed out regularly to try and jump start sales.  Do you know of a radio station or other venue that might help with getting the word out?  Send Alan an email.

September 28, 2006 - Coming soon - A U.S. map with sales per state listed.

MGC Revival album

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