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MGC Revival - a Katrina Benefit CD

Ordering and Purchasing Instructions

Price = $15 each (includes free shipping to U.S. addresses)
Be sure to indicate the quantity when ordering
Include the address you want the CD(s) shipped to
For international shipping quote contact al@alsbowl.com (give name of Country)
Generally shipping will occur the same day or next day after your order is received You will receive a "CD Shipped" email to let you know it is on the way.

Order Online Using PayPal

You may also order on line using PayPal - the nation's most recognized safe and secure way to pay for merchandise online.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to order on line via PayPal.  All you need is an e-mail address and a valid credit card.

Information you will need to order online via PayPal:

1. Go to www.paypal.com

2. Click on "Send Money" tab (this will take you to the secure transaction area).

3. When asked who you want to send money to, type in this e-mail address al@alsbowl.com  and then the information form with Alsbowl data will be pre-filled in the form.

4. For type of transaction, select "Other Merchandise Purchase" (do not select eBay purchase).

5. For "Subject" please enter "Purchase MGC Revival CD"

6. If you don't already have your own PayPal account, you will have to fill in the "Ship To" address manually.  Don't forget this step, because we need to know where to ship your CD.

7. You will be asked for credit card information to complete the transaction. None of your credit or personal information is given to Alsbowl.com - we only receive the notice that someone has sent us money, what for, and where to ship the merchandise.

For those of you who have not used PayPal before - It is really easy, reliable, and secure.

For Those Who Prefer Not to Order Online

Send Check or Money Order (U.S. Currency) to:

% Alan Soder
8732 Indian Boulevard South
Cottage Grove, MN  55016

Make Check or Money Order Payable to "Alsbowl.com" and include your e-mail address if you want email regarding order status and shipping confirmation, and receive notices of efforts coming out of the proceeds.