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Lizzie knows her way around and it makes for a quick resolution to Kristen's inquiry.  And she always enjoys a laugh at herself ~LOL~  Lizzie has made countless connections of folks since Katrina hit, and this one from March 28th shows she is still keeping her fingers to the pulse.  Thanks Lizzie!


From:  adeininger   Mar-28 8:14 am 

To:  ALL   (1 of 23)  25996.1 


I live in North Carolina and have yet to find a good friend, Jude LeDoux. If you know him, or are him please respond. There are a lot of us who would like to hear from you/him, to make sure that you are okay.




From:  lizzie2   Mar-28 8:53 am 

To:  adeininger   (2 of 23)  25996.2 in reply to 25996.1 

 Did Jude work for the Mississippi Dept of Marine Resources in Biloxi?


From:  adeininger   Mar-28 9:31 am 

To:  lizzie2   (3 of 23)  25996.3 in reply to 25996.2 

Yes, I know him from my years at the Ocean Springs Research Lab. He is a good friend. I had his e-mail address, but it no longer works. There is probably an obvious reason to this, but I am still trying to find him to make sure he is okay. Do you know him?


From:  lizzie2   Mar-28 9:42 am 

To:  adeininger   (4 of 23)         25996.4 in reply to 25996.3 

 He is ok but does not work for DMR anymore. I spoke with a gentleman at Marine Fisheries (where he had continued to work a short time after Katrina) and he has taken a job elsewhere. I do not know him. (I help locate people). For privacy reasons, I could not be given any personal information, but if you will call 228-???-??? (Marine Fisheries), and give them your contact number and name, the gentleman said that he could pass that number along to Jude. I told him that I would try to get the contact number from you and pass it along to him, but it might be best that you call and give him your personal information to pass along to Jude. I hope that you can connect with your friend. Thanks!


 From:  adeininger   Mar-28 9:52 am 

To:  lizzie2   (5 of 23)      25996.5 in reply to 25996.4 

 Thank you very much. If you don't mind me asking, how did you find him?


From:  lizzie2   Mar-28 10:02 am 

 To:  adeininger   (6 of 23)     25996.6 in reply to 25996.5 

I did a general search for his name and was directed to the Marine Resources site. His email was listed on the site but I decided to call the Dept directly to inquire about him, and confirmed that he was safe and had indeed worked there. I was lucky to first speak with a kind man who knew him and directed me to someone who would know where he may be. I had figured that no personal information would be given (to a strange woman calling.. LOL) but he was considerate enough to agree to pass your number along to Jude.


From:  adeininger   Mar-28 10:09 am 

To:  lizzie2   (7 of 23)       25996.7 in reply to 25996.6 

 I guess I didn't try hard enough. Thank you very much for your help. I truly appreciate it.




From:  lizzie2   Mar-28 10:12 am 

To:  adeininger   (8 of 23)          25996.8 in reply to 25996.7 

You are most welcome