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The need to find loved ones was so great and helpers like Melissa made a difference.....

From:             patti towry <????@yahoo.com>

To:            Melissa <????@aol.com>

Date:             9/21/2005 5:50:02 PM

Subject:             Re: Tony Miller

Hi Melissa,

I received a call about 5 minutes ago from someone letting me know that Tony Miller had been located. He got in touch with his relatives, the Charboneau's that had evacuated to Arkansas. Thank you Lord. And thank you Melissa and everyone out there helping families to reconnect. God Bless You. Patti Towry


Melissa ????@aol.com wrote:

Hi Patti,

Yeah there are now so many message boards, I think I read yours on the sunhearld.com.....  The more information and names, address, employment the better I might be able to seen you.  Do you know of any of his friends?  I really want to help you out here.



In a message dated 9/18/2005 8:47:41 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, ?????@yahoo.com writes:

I'm sorry that I don't have anymore information on Tony Miller.

When I talked to Stewart Charboneau Saturday night, they had not heard anything from him either.

I don't know which "Looking for" you read, but Tony's grandfather is incarcerated in an East Tenn. correctional facility and has no way of searching for his family members. He has been frantic with worry. It tears my heart out to think there are probably many others in the same situation. Not to mention the ones in Iraq!

Thank you so much for your concern and for your help in the search. I will try to get more information from J. R. (grandfather) on Tony. I know from calling the Red Cross that the more information I have on someone the better chance I have of finding them.

God bless you.

Patti Towry