The following is a testimony from Jane Jessee Smith who we helped connect with her sons, who became missing from her due to the storm known as Katrina.  Alan made the initial contacts with reporter Gordy from the Seattle paper (He had done an article on Jane and her daughter)  to ask him to get information to Jane about her sons, and that they had evacuated safely to Texas.  Just knowing they were safe took a load off Jane's mind.  Melissa of our group then did the bulk of the work to reconnect them to the point they could actually speak with each other. 

>>> Jane Smith <????@yahoo.com> 04/05/06 7:52 PM >>>

Hi Alan!

Nice to hear from you!  I am glad that your group still continues to do good work.  My blessings to all of you.  First things first, when I arrived here in Seattle, my mind was so boggled from Katrina and having lost everything, plus to relocate to an entirely different country--so it seems, it did not occur to me to go on any particular website.  Loved ones.com never entered my mind and since I am not totally computer literate (however learning now!), I simply stumbled on the blogs that caught my eye w/Chris.  So unfortunate that you all that were doing good for people had to get snared by something bad.  As we both agree, something positive did  come from this, obviously because I found my boyz!  We now talk and I am planning a visit probably early May.  I have your group to thank so much with all the chaos that followed the storm.  Thank you for pursuing my case and at least believing in me.  My life is forever changed with the act of mother nature and also acts of kind-ness from your group!  Keep up the GREAT work and God Bless and keep all of you in his right hand!

Jane Jesse Smith

Disaster #1604