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Custom Cabinet Building For Long Beach Rebuilding Effort

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This project came about when we learned in July, 2006, of a unique problem faced by a family who have been rebuilding their storm surge damaged home in Long Beach.  We had finished a plumbing project in Bay St. Louis and were touring the home of Mike and Patti Mando, in relation to some kitchen cabinet installation needs.  During the course of our tour, we learned that the rebuilding effort in the bathroom had resulted in the roughed in area for the vanity being just shy of space to allow the placement of the standard 48" vanity.  The dilemma meant they may need to go with the smaller vanity and do fill space, something they wanted to avoid in order to have extra vanity storage.

Mike had even tried to remove the sheet rock from each side of the space to get the vanity to fit, but it still was not enough room.  So the space pictured to the left was prepped and ready with the sheetrock back in.  After our tour, Kim made a call to a friend in St. Paul with a quick question.  It went something like this. 

Kim -Joe, If you are given the materials, could you build a non-standard size vanity for someone down here? 

Joe - When would you need it?

Kim - By the end of August, Al is coming back down then.

Joe - Sure can.

So the next day we stopped back at the Mike's house on the way out of town to get the precise measurements for Joe.  Kim provided the specs, coloring, the need for hardwood, etc. and Joe was off and running.  On Saturday, August 26th, a little less than a month after the call, Alan stopped to pick up the completed vanity.  Joe is shown to the left, after we loaded it in the van for the trip to Mississippi.

The following Wednesday we arrived at the Long Beach home and prepared to unload the vanity.  Here Alan is holding the two center doors which Joe had wrapped in bubble wrap.  The doors were not attached, because the hardware for the doors and drawers was going to be picked out by Patti, and then installed by Mike.

Here is a picture of Mike and Alan standing by the vanity after moving it into the house.  It is in the living room area, which is currently doubling as the workshop for all the hard work that Mike and Patti have been doing in bringing their home back from the surge destruction.


Here is a close up picture of the vanity with the drawers propped open.  Joe really did a beautiful job and his master cabinetry skills really show through.  Who would have thought that a major dilemma about an opening too small, would be solved by the caring hands of a concerned citizen in Minnesota.  Our hats go off to Joe for donating his skills, and the MGC Group is proud to have worked with him.  We are SO appreciative of his efforts to lighten the burden of Mike and Patti so they can focus on other rebuilding issues.