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Ramp for 71 Year old.

This project came about when we learned of an elderly couple whose home in Bay St. Louis was destroyed, and their relocation to Lucedale created a hardship due to no ramp entry for the disabled gentleman.  Contacts were started to find options to deliver this, however, a turn of events meant the need was no longer there.  Due to disclosure problems on the Lucedale property, the residence was not habitable and the couple returned to Bay St. Louis and now plan to rebuild instead.  A number of contacts were made to keep abreast of their situation in the event that some further assistance could be offered.  On August 30th during a trip to the Long Beach area, Alan called Karen to see if he and his Brother could visit with them to talk about whether any help was still needed.  She advised that they were ok now and that her son was now there to help them recover.  The original planned project posting is left below to give others more examples of kinds of help that can be offered.

ORIGINAL PROJECT: We have an elderly couple whose home in Bay St. Louis was destroyed. They have been living in a FEMA trailer on the property since December 2005. With the changes in insurance rates and building codes, they have made the decision to relocate to Lucedale, Mississippi which is 50 miles north of Pascagoula. They have used all their available resources to purchase the house. The problem is the house has steps and the 71 year old husband has serious heart and other health problems, so the assistance they need is a ramp or lift. There are several reasons they bought a house that is in the air, knowing that the husband cannot walk up and down stairs. They needed to stay within driving distance of where he goes for medical treatments, somewhere that the 2 dogs and cat would be safe from being run over, and of course something they could afford. They both liked the house except for the stairs, and it came fully furnished, so they do not need to buy furniture. We are examining options to resolve the ramp or lift situation.