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Ladies Shower Coordinated by IXOLIB

This project was an effort to do something for a group of five elderly ladies in Biloxi who lost everything to Katrina and had no insurance. Their apartment building had to be rebuilt while they lived elsewhere for almost a year now.  They are gradually getting moved back into their apartments.  Their rent went up of course and because they had no insurance, they were having a hard time replacing simple items like small appliances, bed linens, kitchen items, etc.

The MGC Group heard about their situation and decided to hold a shower for the ladies when they moved back in.  The purpose of the shower was to get them all together at one time to reunite with each other and have a good time and to let them know that people do care about what happened to them.  The other part of the shower was that the MGC Group provided both donated money and other items to give to them so they could get settled in their apartments with at least some of the things they need.  It took a little longer than expected to get them all together, and one had some heart trouble and in the hospital but home now and doing well. Although we couldn't possibly restore all of their belongings, just taking time to think of them makes a big difference in their lives.

The ladies were thrilled and AMAZED that people they do not even know have helped them. They have been given the names and addresses of all of the donors and they plan to send special thank you cards to all.

Here is a list of how the donations were distributed:

Each of the five ladies received $100 in gift cards to Wal-Mart and Dollar Store so they can purchase items they need.

One of the ladies who is raising her 7-year-old granddaughter also received a silverware set.

There are more gift cards coming in that will also be distributed to other ladies who have not moved back in yet.  We believe they will move back in sometime in July.

Here is the list of generous donors who made this project successful:

Alan Soder (Minnesota)
Jon Soder (Minnesota)
Edith Soder (former Biloxi Resident - Santa Maria Del Mar)
Denise Meyers (DEME)
Karen Boudire (Fla Sun)
Stevie Champagne (Louisiana)
Marylyn Harmon
Ceil Romero (Louisiana)
Donna Tripp (California)
Sara Miller (Mississippi)

Thanks to everyone that has been concerned and all of you that donated to the ladies!